Luck Catchers

The Story of the Luck Catcher

2012-11-24 15.28.37 (1)“The Luck Catcher started with the idea of reusing a useful item (the horseshoe) for something else.  Our Luck Cathers are created by our Cherokee Artisan and no two are exactly alike.  The orginal ones were made with real horseshoes, however due to the lack of a supply and to use them in more ways we have opted for a lighter iron shoe.

This allows our “Luck Catchers” to be used in several ways.  First during the Christmas Season, they make great ornaments.  The traditional use is to hang them on the wall for decoration.  Due to the lighter weight of our shoe our Luck Catchers can also be worn as jewelry.  I hope yours brings you “Good Luck”.

All of our Luck Catchers are made with a wrought iron horse shoes which are 41/2″ across and 4″ tall.  They are hand strung using high quality 1/8″ wide leather cord.  They are all approximately 22″ in length from the tie at the top to the end of the leather cord at the bottom.”

Custome Luck Catchers:  If you would like something different, we can customise specific to your favorite colors, etc.

2012-11-24 15.31.09    2012-11-24 16.53.12    2012-11-24 16.51.39

  2012-11-24 16.55.35   2012-11-24 17.01.34


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